Renewing your INGLOT PRO Membership is easy! You will have 14 days after the expiration date of your membership to renew before additional documentation is required.

If it is beyond 14 days after the expiration date of your INGLOT PRO Membership, you will have to re-apply. To start a new PRO Membership application, please click HERE.

To renew your existing membership, follow these simple steps:

1) Login to your existing account connected to your PRO Membership on our online store

2) Provide payment of $49 (+tax) to renew your Pro Card that can be used online and in store - click HERE to pay the Annual Membership Fee (add it to your cart and checkout!)

That's it!

You will be emailed your updated INGLOT PRO Card once your initial expiration date and renewal date are confirmed.

If you have any questions please email